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She seems to be a real Hard Bondage Babe and Pain Slut! Just take a look at WHAT Kind of sites she works for!

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Country: USA Rating: 100

Author of this Review: Verni

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-----   Posted by Rev on April, 13 , 2009      

She is quite intense.

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-----   Posted by Starmaster on December, 15 , 2008      

One of the members on Kink had a pic not showing your face asking whos that girl. I recognised your slender and flexible body right away. Any chance you will be performing for Kink again?
  Let me know at
  Would love to see you back.

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-----   Posted by WOW on June, 12 , 2008      

I know "Pinky Lee" for real...well a while ago I did. I cant believe she does this for a living! Go to college & do something with your life!!!

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-----   Posted by jcox32909 on May, 25 , 2008      

I am sooooooo in love with Pinky Lee. I first saw her at hogtied Dec 26th, 2006 and I miss her on that site with the flexabilaty <==? (Dont know if I spelled that rite?) Pinky, Please do more sense at hogtied, Please.
  Thank You your Loving servent,

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-----   Posted by Pinklover on May, 21 , 2007      

Great new set of Pinky Lee pics - - Pinky Lee is tied on a rooftop, shocked, and forced to cum in New York!

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